My Goal Is To Help You
Build Unshakable Confidence

It does not matter how fast or perfectly engineered a vehicle is if the fuel required for it to operate is missing.  You are the same.  Unshakable confidence is the fuel that allows us to live up to all we are meant to be.  The lack of it sabotages everything we do. 

It doesn't matter if you have all of the skill and information you need to succeed if you do not have the confidence to put it to use.  Self-confidence is the fuel you need to support and drive everything else you do.  It is FOUNDATIONAL.  Confidence, or the lack of it, is visible to everyone. 

The EmpowerU360 programs are specifically designed to predictably and progressively empower people to be all they are meant to be.  Not arrogance, but a quiet, deep confidence that surrounds you and draws people to you. 

Give Yourself the Fuel.  Perform As You Were Created To.  It Will Change Your Life.


Find Personal Power, Operational Excellence and Unshakable Confidence - Without Worrying About Insecurity, Failure or Fear.

Most training and development doesn't take into account the most basic needs we have.  You cannot achieve anything in your life until you feel safe and secure.  This means Physical Safety and Emotional Safety.   Feeling safe and secure from physical AND emotional threats are the foundation for ALL efforts we make.   Without confidence in yourself, insecurity, fear, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem can manifest like an anchor and affect all areas of your life.

You will learn how to deal with different physical threats. But that is only a side benefit. More importantly, you will understand how those skills transcend physical conflict and apply DIRECTLY to business and other environments.

The EmpowerU360 System Builds Confidence By Equipping You To Effectively Resolve Physical And Emotional Conflicts. 

Using physical methods to learn mental and emotional principles does not necessitate physicality, aggressiveness or even athleticism. These classes are designed to give you an expert understanding of human behavior, both yours and others.

Past experiences cause us to doubt ourselves, and limits our potential to be all we can be.  Installing state-of-the-art systems allowing you to Escape, Engage, or Eliminate threats removes the fear of the unknown.
  Fear and intimidation caused by past failures and frustrations influence all you do.  Freedom from these allow you to fully engage with your whole being.  

Immersive and experiential, these are not boring lectures ... they are life changing.  People of all ages and walks of life benefit from this process.  

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Rather Than Teaching You How To Be An Aggressive Person - EmpowerU360 Strengthens Your Mind So You Do Not Get 'Flustered' Or Taken Out Of 'The Zone.' 

Does this sound great?  Maybe even too good to be true?  Believe me, I get it.  But don't worry - being skeptical doesn't impact your results.  You will have a DIRECT experience of the change no matter if you believe it or not when you begin.  You have to experience it to understand it.  You will feel the internal transformation.

You will quickly discover the confidence you've gained applies to ALL areas of your life ...  Business, Social and Family.  Being truly confident in who you are and what you're capable of, you will rise to a whole new level of effectiveness.  It's automatic.

You will have a level of personal confidence that can be unconsciously felt by others and draws them to you.  Not arrogance.  Quiet confidence. 

The "Secret Smile."



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