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EmpowerU360 is a resource devoted to skills which can help you be better and more effective in LIFE.

We are a community.  We want to effectively navigate through life.  Learning and mastering skills gives you a foundation of confidence in all that you do.  Whether that's self defense skills to help you feel confident, training to help get through (or past) hard times, leadership principles, healthy lifestyle information, or incredibly effective martial arts that are easy to understand and get proficient in ... we provide you with proven systems that WILL WORK FOR YOU. 

Different people need different skills to feel secure and to feel better equipped to handle situations we all face everyday.

Physical, Emotional, and Relational skills all play a part in this.  Empowerment is not one-dimensional, it's a full circle ...


Join our community, get involved with some training, discover our Blog, cultivate yourself & grow with us!

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Pulling The Plow

Street Smart Defender™

We believe the ability to feel safe and secure should not only be for the trained expert...it is everyone's birthright!  Street Smart Defender (SSD) is a program designed to give anyone the ability to protect themselves after only a couple of hours of training.  Street Smart Defender IS NOT a martial arts program.  It IS NOT only an awareness program.  It IS an immersive experience which will give you, or someone you love, the ability to easily get away from someone trying to hurt you.  Is your peace of mind worth 2-3 hrs of training?  I know mine is.

Thru The Fire™

Thru The Fire (TTF) is a community for people who want to learn effective martial arts, want to learn more self defense techniques, and/or are curious about personal safety.  From people who want to start a new learning adventure all the way to instructors who want to gain new skills, TTF has a wide variety of people involved in over 9 countries.  What we all share in common is a desire to learn, grow, and help each other in a safe community.  We meet in weekly online sessions in closed forums and in person at camps and other training opportunities.  Join us!


The E-Armor™ Workshop is a PLATINUM COACHING WORKSHOP, Where We Will Help You Develop Your Ability to Understand Conflict and How it Affects You, Secure Mental Clarity While Under Stress, And (Best Part) Never Lose Your Advantage in Communication Again…

You CAN favorably navigate difficult issues and lead your team more effectively through hardship.  Don't let your own mind hijack your outcomes.

Street Smart Defender ensures self defense is not an elite skill for a chosen few.  You too can walk through life in confidence!

The ability to stay safe is your birthright. Nobody should have to walk through life fearful for their safety. With these easily acquired, but powerful skills, you can be prepared in hours, not years, to escape an unwanted approach or attack.

What was previously only available in person or by professionally produced DVD is now available for you to stream immediately to your device!!

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THRU THE FIRE is an INTERNATIONAL TRAINING ORGANIZATION with representation in more than 9 countries to date.  

We value team, training, and functional martial skill.  There is a place in TTF for everyone!!  Whether you are just interested in trying out martial arts ... or are a longtime, "hard-core" martial art practitioner...You Are Welcome!

From martial art traditions and values to undeniable funtionality, you'll find it all here.  Come and join us! 

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Is your back sore back?  Does it feel unstable?  If so - You need the 4 week StableBack™ Challenge!  

This unique program allows me to work with you for 4 weeks to ensure your success.  You will go from where you are today -> to being stronger, more stable, and possibly even pain free ... in 4 weeks.  I've used this effective progression to help hundreds of my students worldwide.

Get StableBack™!

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