I believe in you.  You can be SO MUCH MORE.

How would you feel if you were able to enter into every situation knowing you have what it takes to lead and win every single time?  What if you always had a "Secret Smile" because you knew you understand how people think, work, react, and respond ... even better than they know themselves?  Having that level of confidence changes EVERYTHING. 

One night, I was thinking about all that had gone wrong in a tense meeting earlier that day, and I had an epiphany.  I realized I had studied leadership, communication, and conflict resolution for years ...  but it didn't help me that day when I needed it most.  WHY?!  The meeting had not gone well, and I was unable to implement ANY of the strategies that I'd learned. 

AND THEN IT HAPPENED ... I suddenly realized that in my years of high risk security I had successfully navigated worse situations countless times.  

That's when I realized all of the strategies and theories were powerless if they didn't first help you address your own reactions to the situation.  It was then I began combining the lessons I'd learned in leadership training with the wisdom of the martial traditions I'd studied for over 4 decades. 

Since that day, I have helped thousands of people on 5 continents understand how to successfully negotiate and lead through difficult situations.  Predictable results ... Not hype.  Experiential learning ... Not lectures.  I want to give you an exceptional experience and help you see the power you truly have to take control of your life and the difficult situations we all encounter.






In 1992 while attending university, John was exposed to violent people almost daily while working in downtown Minneapolis, MN in various security roles.  During the next few years, John's level of expertise grew as a result of dealing with  different forms of violent behavior in different types of environments. 

John eventually moved to Sweden (where his considerable experience was not "the norm") and was able to work there in a consulting role as well as in executive protection.



After experiencing a life crisis which included a divorce and a trans-Atlantic move,  John had the privilege to begin traveling and teaching regularly.  This was a very necessary time for John to rediscover who he was and the value he had to offer others.  During this time he developed instructors in 10+ countries and deep relationships with leaders around the world.  He also discovered many of the people he was working with were looking for and needing the camaraderie found in the community.  To facilitate a group identity, the Thru The Fire Training Organization was formed. 

During this period John also realized the value of the mental and emotional training of martial traditions as it could be applied to business strategy and operations.  John partnered with a friend to pioneer training for Crisis Management teams for numerous Blue Chip corporations.



John and Tina were married, and together they decided it was time to brand the Street Smart Defender seminars into a program.  They continued to teach the classes around the world, and became involved in the fight against human trafficking. 

During this time the noticed a direct correlation in those that had trained in the Street Smart classes and a new level of individual mental strength.  When they learned that they could protect themselves physically, they experienced a direct growth in their self confidence.  This self confidence had profound effects in OTHER areas of their lives.  People were being empowered in powerful way.  



John and Tina spent some time living in Southern California where John pursued a Masters degree in Leadership Studies.  They then took an opportunity to live and work in N. Uganda.  While there they led an 18 month initiative to facilitate unity amongst different tribal leaders.  They also had the privilege of starting the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program in Uganda. 

These activities allowed them daily opportunities to practice different leadership principles and to work with differing cultures and ideas on conflict resolution.  These opportunities happened in both the physical and emotional realms.  John and Tina's understanding of empowering people and bringing differing forms of liberation continued to develop and become more focused.

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After analyzing different situations they'd experienced, John and Tina realized with frustration that all of the resolution model theories they had learned were (most often) ineffective in practice.  NONE of them adequately dealt with the emotions that are most often present in one or all participants.   

John realized that the martial traditions he had been studying for 40+ years contained the answers he needed to deal with this specific issue.  John worked to codify the mental elements of combat used for countless centuries by warriors to master their emotions. 

A novel training method was conceived and developed for organizational and business leaders.  John began teaching teaching this unique mindset and step-by-step method for dealing with all conflicts of will in a stand alone workshop he called "E-Armor." 

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After volunteering worldwide for 10 years, John and Tina realized they were not reaching as many people as they needed to.  In 2021 they officially launched to help them reach more people effectively.

Now they are bringing this revolutionary training to the private sector and corporate worlds, and using those opportunities to encourage people to live for something greater than themselves.  While doing this, they still continue their work in Africa, Asia, Europe, and across N. America working to lead in empowering and liberating those who need help.  

Nobody lives for themselves.



 True Empowerment Is A Deep, Unshakeable Confidence And Belief In Oneself

 Confidence Can Be Established Quickly And Systematically Through Directed, Specific Training Environments 

 Correct Training Develops Mental Attributes Which Are Applicable Across Different Areas Of Your Life

 These Mental Attributes Create Unshakeable, Deep Seated Confidence In Your Ability To Execute Exceptionally In All Areas Of Your Life

 This Confidence Has The Ability To Turbocharge Your Ability In All Areas Of Your Life




John and Tina have facilitated training courses on 5 continents for thousands of people over the last 10 years.  They have worked with families, leaders, workers, and teams.  From the Board Room to the Community Center and from Churches to Grass Huts, they have communicated across cultures to bring these life changing truths to all types of people.  

The training methods used are simply transference mechanisms that allow lessons to be learned and applied.  Learning happens through Information AND Experience.  Anyone can learn through these methods, and everyone can apply these principles to their unique situation.



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