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Do You Want to Have the Coaching of World-Class Instructors Teaching You the "What?", "How?", AND "Why?" of the Arts? 

Would You Like to be Taught How to Train and Teach More Effectively, While Growing Along With a Community of Like-Minded People?


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Train like my private clients!

For a long time, I have had the pleasure of training small groups of dedicated students right in my own home.  I am able to get to know each one and help them to achieve their goals.  This can be fitness or martial arts related, or even in achieving a sense of safety and self-confidence in their abilities to protect themselves and their families.

I've also had the privilege to travel and teach over the last 20 years.  People often express their disappointment in not being able to take part in my regular classes.  I've also heard frustration from many people who do not have an instructor nearby whom they can train with.  This leaves them frustrated and feeling like they are just out of luck.

Now this has all changed!

I am so HAPPY to be able to offer this opportunity to be able to join me in my TTF Studio Sessions. As you join me in my virtual studio, you will be able to get the next best thing to training with me personally!!

Core Competency Track 

Thru The Fire Success Track™ Gives You the Core Skills You Need to Reach Milestones on Your Path to Success.  You Have This Resource to Train You at Your Convenience and Your Pace!

Regular Live Training 

Regularly Scheduled Live Training Answers Questions, Allows Training Together With the Group, and Teaches New Ways to Apply What You're Learning!

Content, Coaching, & Community

CONTENT Rich, COACHING Driven and Guided, COMMUNITY Based Learning.  You Are Not Alone.  This is Not Just a List of Videos, It's An Experience!

Extraordinary Training - Available Everywhere

No Place To Train Near Your Home? --No Problem!-- Now You Can Train When and Where You Want.  All You Need is Your Device to Stream Your Training When You Are Ready!

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Key benefits from this membership:

Studio Sessions is my "Answer Key" to training.  Here I give you the "insider secrets" that I wish someone would have explained to me when I first began training.  Not only will you learn techniques, but you will also learn my specific progressions I teach to accelerate learning and well as ability in these methods.

Inside you'll find my proven Thru The Fire Success Track™ which is going to guide you in exactly what you need to learn to progress in your skill level.  Not only that, it's going to guide you through the whole process of learning in an easy to follow format which allows you to grow and develop.  Now you do not need to struggle to figure out what is important to focus on ... I'm going to show you.  Stage by stage, milestone by milestone, and action item by action item, it's all laid out for you!

The Core Skill Competencies you're going to learn in the TTF Success Track™ will prepare you for the techniques, tactics, and strategies that I'll be teaching you in the live classes.

You're going to love the Studio Sessions Community discussion page.  Here you'll be able to interact with me and all the other members of Studio Sessions.  The wisdom and experience of the group is a powerful thing ... not to mention ... it's fun!

As a special bonus, when you sign up for Studio Sessions you also receive the full Garage Sessions membership as my gift to you!  Here I will be showing real examples of attacks, and then breaking them down for you.  I'm going to suggest what you need to do to keep safe in those situations.  I'm also going to suggest techniques which can protect you, and then train you in how to become proficient in those techniques.  It's the PERFECT compliment to what we will be doing in Studio Sessions!

What Are You Waiting For?

If You're Interested in Being Part of a Growing Worldwide Community Whose Sole Interests Are Growing in Skill, Confidence, and Friendships With Like-Minded People ...

TTF Studio Sessions Is For YOU!

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