Thru The Fire Training Organization

“THRU THE FIRE is my unique expression of what I have learned and am continually learning from my instructors, students and friends. My sincere gratitude to them all. Without each one, the journey would not be nearly as complete or rewarding. It is my privilege to walk with them.”

— John D. Koeshall


You Must Be Tempered If You Want To Endure

Metal is tempered through exposure to high temperatures to harden it and enhance its ability to hold an edge ... so too must your Mind, Body and Will be tempered through controlled exposure to differing levels of “heat” (stress and pressure) during training.

This process of putting yourself Thru The Fire will allow you to assure your ability to hold your edge during a high stress encounter or violent situation.

Training in this manner is the best way to prepare you to get Thru The Fire of conflict.

Garage Sessions

Join this online study group and let me teach you like I would if we were in my garage!  Self defense, martial arts, and fitness.  Become my private student...on your own time, and from the privacy of your own home.

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Studio Sessions

Join this online group if you really are serious about upping your game.  Gain access to all Garage Sessions PLUS my proven Training Methods and Progressions which will quickly accelerate your growth. 

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Live Training

Private Intensive Personal Training programs, Group Training, and Training Camps are all available depending on scheduling variables.  NOTHING beats training in person for customization to your needs.

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Colin W.

John, wish I could have trained with you when I was younger.  I would have saved a lot of time and money.  Your students are lucky.  All the best mate.

James L.

Excellent instruction as usual.  Thank you so much for bringing integrity to a sport so full of ego maniacs.  I send links to your videos to all my 'fight friends'.

Nikolaos V.

I very much like your class.  You explain everything so that I can imitate everything well ... my movements have improved 1000% since I started training with you!

Train as my private student, but do it from your own home ... on  your time!

There are many online programs out there - but they don't guide you through the information to ensure your improvement.  Join us as we explore self defense, martial arts, and fitness together in a fully immersive learning environment.  Weekly content, personal interaction, and a proven Success Track™ to guide you on your way.  What are you waiting for?

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For the test ... Do you want to memorize the text book ... or the answer key?

Many have said this program feels like getting a "cheat sheet" for martial arts.  Join this online community and I will guide you through my personal training progressions and methods I've developed over the last 30 years of teaching.  Mastery of skill isn't magic.  It's correct knowledge applied to disciplined training over time.  My proven Success Track™ will get you there sooner.  Join us!

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Interested to train in a live Group or an Intensive Personal Training Program? 

I hold many training seminars around the world each year.  If you'd like me to come train your group, inquire about availability by contacting us through the button below.  I also travel to privately teach those who qualify for Intensive Personal Training Progams.

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Clive E.

I studied under John for 14 years, this included him visiting the UK over 30 times as well as us training and teaching in Sweden, Canada and the U.S together.  

When we met I had already been studying 30 years, I had no idea the depth of John's knowledge and ability to change what I had!  I’ve never had an instructor invest so much time into me and influence me not only in martial arts but also mentor me in life.

Because of the training I did with him, I was able to become an instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto, Guru Lonero and Guru Terry Barnett.  I would never of been able to gain any of these instructorships without John Koeshall.

Learn from him, absorb all you can and trust his process.

As I teach daily, I hear all of John's “gems” come out of my mouth and it always makes me smile.

He is a rare breed and you will be blessed having him as your teacher.

Charles O.

Hello, Being a Project Manager for an engineering company, I found John's teaching to be professional, and well structured.

He was able to explain details from a perspective that allowed me to quickly grasp them.

As a Wing Chun practitioner, and instructor, I found it very refreshing that he never belittled the art that I have trained in, but rather encouraged my training in Wing Chun. 

John encouraged me to look at my Wing Chun through two differing points of view:
1) As an art (with it’s rich culture and tradition), and
2) What is functional and practical.

I personally enjoyed the Kali (Filipino Martial arts) instruction.  Not having a background in Kali, John was able to bring both a patience and great depth of understanding in teaching the foundational points of the art to me.

... And the practical teaching of real knife defense was refreshing.

Thanks for the great experience!  I look forward to next time!

The creator of this video added pieces of other videos from my YouTube Channel that don't necessarily depict what I was talking about.  I would never characterize "my style" as Rapid Assault Tactics, but I do teach that system as an integral piece of my training curriculum. 

This video was filmed while we were living in Thailand.  Now we are living in the USA, but we plan to make regular trips back to Thailand, and other places, as time and travel restrictions allow.