Intentional Process

As you surely know by now, one of the most consistent sayings I repeat in training
sessions is, “Be intentional in your training.”  I thought it might be helpful to discuss
briefly what I mean by that in hopes to stimulate your internal learning processes as well as to invite discussions on the subject.

To me, the “Intentional Process” is made up of a series of concepts.  I will briefly discuss three of these ideas which I believe are certainly some of the most important.  Those being: Intentionality, Focus, and Expression.

Intentionality – While training (especially solo training) you must seek to be in precise control of every minute part of your body and every degree of your movement.  This is certainly part of the “self-perfection” we so gallantly speak about, and yet I see very little self perfecting going on in the JKD/Kali world at large.

In many ways, your ability to refine your skill...

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