Consistency … or put other ways … constancy, regularity, evenness, steadiness, stability, equilibrium, dependability, reliability.

I have noticed an alarming trend in many martial artists.  I want to make sure we in the Thru The Fire Training Organization avoid the same trap. 

As people make the metaphorical journey through the skill acquisition steps (Learn,
Practice, Master, Functionalize, Maintain) there is a temptation to attempt to bypass the hard steps and continue to revel in the easy ones.  Everybody enjoys the first time we learn a new skill or technique.  It’s fun!  We feel like we are growing because we have learned something new!

Yeah! (hear my sarcasm?)

We even enjoy practicing it for a little while….then the work begins and it doesn’t seem like fun anymore.  This is where many people lose focus and attempt to find “fun” again by going out and learning new techniques... again.


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