"A" For Effort...


An "A" for effort does not ensure and "A" for outcome.

Have you noticed the trend in society these days which leans toward mediocrity?

My wife and I were recently watching a series documenting a group with mixed climbing ability and experience attempting to successfully summit Mount Everest.  We watched with keen interest as one of the "climbers" went through a startling change in attitude.  This person went from being extremely (over) confident in their own abilities -> to doubting their abilities -> to realizing their inability to complete the task -> and finally to ridiculing everyone else for their strength. 

The mental shift this person had was literally 180 degrees.  It was shocking to observe.  Here was the setting...

After reaching ABC (Advanced Base Camp at 21,000 feet), the expedition leader called for the group to do an acclimatization climb up to Camp 1 (situated at 23,000) on the North Col.  In order to test...

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5 Easy Steps to get Quality Critique

Are you looking in the mirror … but not really seeing yourself? 

Do you need to see how you're doing?  Are you feeling "stuck" and don't know why?  In many cases, it can be very helpful to get an outside point of view on your situation. 

It's easy for us as human beings to miss certain things which an unbiased set of eyes can see plainly.  This is where coaching, or constructive criticism, can make a big difference in your life and business.  (BUT.....make sure you understand the difference between critique and criticism!)

Here are 5 steps towards getting and implementing constructive criticism:

1. Seek out a person you know you can trust.  This is crucial.  If you don’t KNOW you can trust the person giving you the critique it will be difficult to accept it as valid.

2. Seek out a person whom you know has your best interest in mind.  This principle goes hand in hand with step #1.  (However, just because you know...

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Consistency … or put other ways … constancy, regularity, evenness, steadiness, stability, equilibrium, dependability, reliability.

I have noticed an alarming trend in many martial artists.  I want to make sure we in the Thru The Fire Training Organization avoid the same trap. 

As people make the metaphorical journey through the skill acquisition steps (Learn,
Practice, Master, Functionalize, Maintain) there is a temptation to attempt to bypass the hard steps and continue to revel in the easy ones.  Everybody enjoys the first time we learn a new skill or technique.  It’s fun!  We feel like we are growing because we have learned something new!

Yeah! (hear my sarcasm?)

We even enjoy practicing it for a little while….then the work begins and it doesn’t seem like fun anymore.  This is where many people lose focus and attempt to find “fun” again by going out and learning new techniques... again.


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