5 Easy Steps to get Quality Critique

Jul 28, 2021

Are you looking in the mirror … but not really seeing yourself? 

Do you need to see how you're doing?  Are you feeling "stuck" and don't know why?  In many cases, it can be very helpful to get an outside point of view on your situation. 

It's easy for us as human beings to miss certain things which an unbiased set of eyes can see plainly.  This is where coaching, or constructive criticism, can make a big difference in your life and business.  (BUT.....make sure you understand the difference between critique and criticism!)

Here are 5 steps towards getting and implementing constructive criticism:

1. Seek out a person you know you can trust.  This is crucial.  If you don’t KNOW you can trust the person giving you the critique it will be difficult to accept it as valid.

2. Seek out a person whom you know has your best interest in mind.  This principle goes hand in hand with step #1.  (However, just because you know you can trust someone, it DOES NOT MEAN they have your best interest in mind!)  If you can trust someone and you know they have your best interest in mind, you will be able to accept what they say … even if it’s not comfortable for you to hear. 

3. Seek out a person with expertise in the area you need critique.  Valid critique by nature must come from someone who knows what they’re talking about!  If you are truly seeking to grow and improve, you don’t need to hear how great or perfect you are.  You need to hear things that are relevant to moving you forward.  Change can be uncomfortable.  Growth cannot happen without change.  You can’t grow … and stay the same.  It’s impossible.  Someone with greater experience and/or expertise will be able to give you crucial information on what you are missing  to help you get on the path to improvement.

4. Once you’ve heard the critique, run it through your internal filter.  It may be that you’ve been told something that you don’t want to hear.  Grow up, lay your ego aside, and objectively evaluate what you’ve been told.  It may be just what you need to propel you forward.  It may also be that you’ve been told something that is completely out of line for you in your situation.  This is why you need to take time to assess yourself honestly in light of the critique.

5. Repeat step #1.  A verse from the book of Proverbs says, “Wisdom comes from a multitude of counselors.”  The objective is not to get a bunch of ideas that are in agreement.  The goal is to get many differing points of view to ensure you have a well rounded understanding of your options.  This new clarity will allow you to see more options, and help you to make the best possible decision.  Many people seem to misunderstand this concept.  When they receive many different opinions, they tend to get confused and freeze up.  Don't freeze up … evaluate your situation in light of your new understanding, and take action on what you've learned!

I hope this quick checklist helps you like it has helped me.

Blessings and Strength!


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